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As a company, we are sure you worry about many aspects and elements to continue operating and being able to offer the best, and this includes getting ISO 45001 certified in your company in Baltimore, Maryland. After all, every organization wants to deliver the best, avoid future complications or issues, and ensure they follow every mandatory requirement or legal regulation.

Now, we know that when you think about requirements you have many guidelines and standards in your mind. For example, if you are a manufacturer or a company involved in the supply chain of an industry, you need to make sure to implement ISO 9001.

In this case, ISO 9001 focuses on the quality management system of your company to ensure you meet customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products or top services. What happens if you don’t require this standard? Many others will be necessary for your company.

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In our experience at IQC The ISO Pros, organizations tend to underestimate how important other standards that don’t focus on usual systems or aspects of the company, are for their future. But what other ISO could you need besides the usual quality and security ones? Well, if you are aiming to be an organization that worries about its workers and employees and not only its clients, you should consider the idea of implementing ISO 45001.

Unlike other standards, this one aims for the safety and health of your workers to ensure they are performing their roles without worrying about accidents taking place. But how does it make it possible? By focusing on the occupational health and safety management system of the organization. All the guidelines and requirements established in ISO 45001 aim to design, develop, establish, maintain, and finally, improve this system to ensure workers and even visitors are safe inside the installations or facilities.

We know you might not find it a priority, but companies not only have responsibilities with their employees and their safety but also, with themselves. You can obtain many benefits from investing time and resources in implementing the standard. However, if we have to mention one in particular that would definitely be to prevent irreparable harm to your organization, you as a person, and every worker and visitor in the company.

With that said, what does it take to get certified? Following every guideline and meeting, every requirement will be the right and only move. In our company, we have helped over 100 different companies in implementing ISO 45001 and also, in getting them trained to handle future revisions and requirements. Therefore, we are here for you in order to get your company in Baltimore, Maryland, or any other city in the state, certified in no time.

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Although most organizations believe there’s only one outcome when implementing a standard, that is far from the truth. Whenever you are trying to follow guidelines and meet requirements in ISO 45001 and any other, you will notice it isn’t about fulfilling every norm or regulation but rather improving your company at new levels. Therefore, you shouldn’t look forward to achieving an expected outcome like establishing your occupational health and safety management system, but also to other improvements and achievements in the organization.

However, it is true the standard was created and established for a reason in particular, and it is entirely focused on guaranteeing that your organization has taken all the necessary measures to keep everyone safe and healthy. This is a very general description of the outcome you should expect from it, but it is very summarized and easier to understand. On the other hand, it is also important that you get to understand the extent of the ISO since all standards, including ISO 45001, go through reviews every year or quite often to either update them or determine if new changes aren’t required.

With that said, the main outcome of your occupational health and safety management system after implementing the standard is the continual improvement of this system. Although you will meet all the requirements and follow every guideline, there will be a point where you—the company alone—need to determine the new goals based on the actions you have already taken.

Yes, ISO 45001 and the normative itself provide you with several ways to guarantee continual improvement, but if you want to achieve this outcome, you also have to understand the needs of your organization in this system. After all, fulfilling your goals or objectives with the OH&SMS is also part of the reasons why companies decide to implement the standard.

Anyone that wants to implement it and obtain the benefits that come from the certification. Since ISO 45001 isn’t a specific but rather generic standard for a system that is required in any company, there are no limitations when it comes to who can and cannot implement it. Now, we understand you are probably worried about how good it would be to go for it depending on the current status and level of your company. Whenever you are about to establish a new system, it is important to determine how to prepare your organization for it. When it comes to the occupational health and safety management system, you won’t have too many problems when it comes to knowing if you should go for it or not since it isn't too invasive for other systems and areas. However, can you afford to do it? Do you think the system is required right now?

At IQC The ISO Pros, we have learned that despite a standard being mandatory or just a very good addition to your business, it isn’t always the best moment to go for it. It’s very common among companies to have problems in finding a balance between the actual standards they can handle and implement along with ISO 45001 or similar ones that may be necessary but not regulatory. Therefore, we would highly recommend assessing your company before deciding to implement it since there’s no other limitation you will need to deal with. After all, ISO 45001 is for everyone and anyone, and it only takes to make the decision of implementing it.

In our company, we can help you by providing training, implementation, and consulting services that will be useful to identify the status of your organization and if it is a good moment to go for its certification. If it is, we will make sure you follow every step and guideline properly to guarantee the best outcome for your business, and rest assured you won’t be limited to what you can do and implement from it. Our professionals have over a decade of experience in the field and since ISO 45001 is a very important and crucial standard for any organization, it is among the most requested ones

Working on an ISO standard means you have to dedicate at least 2 months to the entire process. ISOs aren’t ‘things’ that can be implemented in only a few days or weeks. It takes time to understand the standard, follow its guidelines, adjust them with your needs, and finally meet every requirement. Therefore, here’s what we would suggest: don’t be in a hurry with the process.

In order to meet every requirement, organizations have to go over their processes and current occupational health and safety management system to determine what needs to improve and change. On the other hand, it is also possible that you are just starting to establish it thanks to the guidelines in the ISO; if this is your case, it could be a bit faster and easier when it comes to assessing your company. But it may take a bit longer when it comes to knowing how to determine your needs and focus on them while implementing the standard.

It is fair to say that both recent and ‘old’ companies have difficulties in implementing it and the time it will take will not be an exact or fixed one. However, if you are looking for an estimate, you can finish implementing it in about 4 to 6 months with the help and assistance of our experts. Since it is more about implementing the right occupational health and safety measures in your operations, most of the time spent is always going to be for the changes in your system. Now, getting certified will be easier since you don’t have to continue investing time and resources, but it may end up being a problem if you don’t get the certification the first time.

What does the ‘first time’ mean?

Every company that wants to get ISO 45001 certified or obtain any other certification needs to go through an audit to ensure it has met every requirement. It is possible to miss one of the requirements and this will lead to having to implement several aspects of the standard again. Does it take too much time to get certified when you don’t make it the first time? A few weeks, at least.

The issue with not implementing the standard properly and fulfilling every requirement is that you usually have to go over the entire ISO again. Yes, it is about implementing certain aspects, but you won’t be able to determine which ones unless you assess the entire system again and guarantee compliance with the measures you missed. Therefore, this can take a few more weeks and, for some companies, months to determine what went wrong and ensure they get it right this time around.

Regardless of what we just mentioned, we don’t want you to think you will spend too much time on it. Some organizations implement it in only a few weeks or barely 3 months, which is a great estimate to fulfill all the requirements, and look forward to the certification. With our professionals’ help, training, and advice, you will make it in no time.

What is so special about ISO 45001?

As we mentioned before, this ISO isn’t mandatory but we are confident that you will find it quite necessary. An occupational health and safety management system are required in any company but that doesn’t mean it is necessary to implement the standard to establish and maintain it. But do you have an effective and proper plan to get this done? That’s what we thought.

We don’t want you to look at ISOs as if they were something you have no other option but to implement. Companies are welcome to focus on their systems and sections without relying on a standard all the time unless it is mandatory. For ISO 45001, the special part about it is that it does help you to obtain the desired results. Since following guidelines isn’t about just getting every step done but rather guaranteeing you are aiming for your needs, this occupational standard helps you to harmonize them with the requirements to get certified.

Besides, unlike a few years ago, organizations around the world are able to access a single framework that offers a clear path and norms to develop and establish a better occupational health and safety management system and with it, go for the best measures to prevent work-related accidents. Organizations in Baltimore, Maryland, or any other city in the state, tend to follow ISO 45001 since it helps them to achieve the same or even better results, they expect for their systems in a shorter period of time. It isn’t about being ‘special’ but rather accurate and perfect for the needs you have with this system in particular.

We are sure that after having a look at the ISO and its norms, you will notice all the benefits it can bring you and how easier it will be to meet your goals for this area in your company. What makes us excited when organizations contact us to get this certification is the fact that millions of deaths and accidents will be prevented. As a company ourselves, we want you to look after your workers and visitors not only for business purposes but also to ensure everyone will be safe and healthy.

It is more than just establishing, maintaining, and improving your OH&SMS

Believe it or not, getting ISO 45001 certified is more relevant than you think, and not only for your system alone. Since companies need to find ways to stay competitive, focusing on offering what their clients need and like is the best strategy. But when you also invest time in being a company they would definitely hire services from or acquire products, you get amazing results. This is exactly what happens with this norm.

Since people care and prefer companies that address their workers’ or employees’ needs and keep them safe from anything that could happen, those certified in ISO 45001 have a huge advantage. You will—without a doubt—have more customers or people interested in your service or products, and we know that more interest means future clients. Also, you will be able to have reliable and efficient workers since feeling comfortable and having good working conditions motivates them to continue working in the organization and also, give their best.

Saving money, preventing irreparable harm or damage, and many other things, are included among the benefits you get from the standard alone. The certification is a way to demonstrate you have fulfilled every requirement, but we suggest you focus on the implementation more than anything else. If you do it right, there’s no need to worry about your certification.

When to start with the process

Right away! There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect time’ to implement it if you already made sure to determine your company’s needs and if you are in the position for it. As soon as you notice the opportunity to get started, we encourage you to go for it.

Our experts at IQC The ISO Pros are available all year round to help you with this process for your company in Baltimore, Maryland, or if it is located in any other city in the state. We want you to finally have the perfect occupational health and safety management system that will save you a lot of time, resources, difficult situations, and have everyone safe and healthy while inside your facilities and installations.

Our assistance comes in 3 options: training, implementation, and consultation. You can count on us if you are planning to get trained in order to understand the entire ISO and how to handle the future changes and additions to it after a revision. Or, you can contact us to request our implementation services where we will take care of the entire process for your company in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you need advice, we can also offer it thanks to our experienced and qualified advisors in the company. Just let us assess your current system or find the best way to establish one in no time. We will work around your company’s needs and ensure you get ISO 45001 certified.